Fascists ruining terms and possible alternatives, help? 

Pol, surveillance 

Techbro more like techno amiri- *loud techno music proceeds to play as I look on in horror*

lewd/nsfw drawn eye contact 

Imagine CW'ing or at least using relevant words in your posts so people can filter them easily if they want to, what a wild world that would be

Hummus I bought spilled in my bag, ended up in the serving spoon I bought instead of the bag, that's my luck for this year ran out

To everyone that tried following me the past 2 weeks but got an error, it should work again now, that said, you can't read this in the first place :blobohcat:

Re: transphobia / mysoginy / etc 

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Re: transphobia / mysoginy / etc 

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Transphobia / mysoginy / etc 


From now on monorail cats shall be referred to as mowmowrails

You, a good girl, it's more likely than you think :blobpat:

(If not girl you are good <gender> :blobpat:)

Milkshake, pol, shitpost 

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Glitch in the Zowie

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