@lanodan Google Amp stands for Google are massive pricks right?

lewd/nsfw drawn eye contact 

Lewd DnD quote from yours truly 

Imagine CW'ing or at least using relevant words in your posts so people can filter them easily if they want to, what a wild world that would be

Hummus I bought spilled in my bag, ended up in the serving spoon I bought instead of the bag, that's my luck for this year ran out

To everyone that tried following me the past 2 weeks but got an error, it should work again now, that said, you can't read this in the first place :blobohcat:

Re: transphobia / mysoginy / etc 

Re: transphobia / mysoginy / etc 

Transphobia / mysoginy / etc 

@esp Usually the same people that perpetuate it yep


From now on monorail cats shall be referred to as mowmowrails

You, a good girl, it's more likely than you think :blobpat:

(If not girl you are good <gender> :blobpat:)

Youtube, Steven Crowder, Homophobia, Transphobia, slurs 

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